My Hope is in HIM; Providing Support for our Mom during her Battle against Cancer

October 21st was the day they told us that the probability was high. Biopsies were done on the 27th & on the 28th they told us the news no one wants to hear. It was Stage 3 Breast Cancer. On November 20th, in Lexington, KY our mom, Karla Ray, had a Mastectomy, her lymph nodes where the cancer had spread removed, and her port placed. Shortly after Christmas we will head back to Lexington to start her 18 weeks of Chemo treatments, and will have radiation following.
As we are standing at the base of this giant Mountain we have to face and knowing that the path to overcome it will be bumpy, bring tears, fear, and heartache; one thing will remain and that is Our Hope will be in HIM.
 Taylor and I have created this t-shirt fundraiser for our Mom to provide the Support that she needs as she begins her Fight against Cancer.